Not all VL53L1X rangefinders are publishing via MAVLink

Hello, everyone!
I am going to use 10 VL53L1X rangefinders for obstacle avoidance. I use onboard computer to set address for every rangefinder. After all addresses are set, I2C bus is switched to flight controller. The PREFLIGHT_REBOOT_SHUTDOWN command is then sent to the ArduPilot to trigger initialization again. The problem is I see DISTANCE_SENSOR messages from 4 or 5 rangefinders only. Working rangefinders are different every time after powering down. All rangefinders work properly when I use only the onboard computer. I also add a counter to VL53L1X driver in ArduPilot to know how many rangefinders are successfully initialized. The AP_RangeFinder_VL53L1X::init method is passed successfully for all 10 rangefinders every time.