Not able to maintain height in turns

generally i know what is wrong… The yaw turn rate is way to high for the quad to maintain the height in 180° turns during mapping mission. I knew some time before which parameter to change but i totally forgot by now. Hope someone can point in the right direction.

The Quad is a Tarot x4 frame with 18’’ props and Pixhawk 1.


Didn’t you try yaw autotune?

The parameters i’m currently flying with are out of autotune.
Even if i control yaw with the tx it is way to sensitive. With only 1/10 of the “stick-way” the spin is really fast.
And yes, Radio calibration was performed :wink:

If I well remember there is a way to tell to MP to decrease speed before the turn .

In that way it will be easier for a large copter to make the turn without loosing path and altitude.

Could be possible but i’m looking more for the parameter which controls the turn itself. Something like turnrate in degree or similar. Could it be controlled with the PIDs?