Not able to display the flight in UAV Log Viewer's 3D feature

Ever since I had a crash, UAV Log Viewer ( is not showing me the 3D view of my QuadPlane’s (Cube Orange, ArduPlane V4.2.3) flights.

This is all I get when I upload the log:

The part screen where the 3D model is supposed be seen is completely black.

I am able to view my flights in 3D for the flights that were before the crash flight (including). Now, I am not able to view the 3D view for the flights that took place after the crash flight.
All of the “LOG_xx” parameters are same, if that matters.

Does anybody know what might have caused it? The FC and the SD Card are the same ones.

Thanks in advance!

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Any opinions, anybody? Anything would help.

I don’t think this is related to your recent crash. It’s happening to me too, might be something to do with the latest commit.

Try this instead (plotbeta): UAV Log Viewer


It seems to work on Edge for me - not Chrome.

Well, this is good to know. Thank you very much!