Not able to ARM Pixhawk 2.4.8 with F450 frame

This morning I flied my drone using a 3S 2200mAh battery and it flew OK for almost 5 minutes.
Then I tried using 2 3S 1600mAh batteries in parallel and the drone would not arm.
After connecting into Mission Planner I relaized I had to recallibrate the compasses, so I did that. (I think I moved the compass/GPS when changing batteries)
But when trying to arm again I get a “PreArm: Hardware safety switch” message and I am unable to arm.
The Hardware safety switch is blinking 4 times intermintently. The Pixhawk (2.4.8) LED is blinking twice in yellow intermitenlty. The B/E leds of the Pixhawk are off.
When I change any of the safety (RTL) or the Mode switches (Stabilize, Alt, Loiter) on, the Pixhawk responds with a beep, so it recognizes de change.
Any idea of what could be wrong?
When trying to download the logs I realized the dates on the logs had changed, as if the SD card had had its time reset.
I am attaching the last log I saved.
Please let me know if anyone knows what the problem could be. Thank you.
2023-12-09 11-51-14.tlog (253.3 KB)

I also updated mission planner to 1.3.81 and realized I cannot see the .bin logs …

Disable the safety switch.
Safety switch

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Thank you. I wonder if the switch got broken or something,
but I was able to disable the switch and arm again.