Nose heading vs Waypoint Heading issue

Having purchased the APM 2.6 a couple of weeks ago, I successfully flew two WP missions at my flying field this evening to my complete pleasure. I am a NAZA boy really but I brought the APM as I particularly like the POI feature which the NAZA does not offer, as a setting, anyway.
So, I take off in stabilise, fly nearer to my WP, switch to Loiter for a moment then switch it to Auto… The copter flies nice and steadily to the first WP but does NOT turn the nose towards the next. In fact, it flies the whole mission facing out of the loop with the rear end towards me at all times! The GPS is pointing in the correct direction (I think, see below) and the instrument horizon moves correctly on the MP software, so I am at a loss as to why the nose is not pointing in the direction that it is flying?? This mission BTW was a standard WP with no POI identified.
This was repeated in the second mission, which was a POI, however it did the same thing and did NOT record the POI due to this.
I can’t find anything on the forum so I would appreciate your help guys.

Also, really stupid question but can’t find the answer anywhere… when you initially set up the compass, which line on the MP screen indicates the actual direction of the compass/front of A/C?? No one ever seems to explain the four coloured lines… Only reason I ask is that the enclosure for the Chinese Ublox has an arrow indication forward, however this is incorrect and I had to turn it approx 45 degrees to get the correct heading.

Thanks in advance guys…

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

what is your WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR set to?
I have mine to 1 and it always faces the next waypoint or ROI coordinates. … w_behavior

Interesting… it was set to 2 but should have still faced the next WP, except RTL. Anyway, I have set it to 1 now so will see how that goes. Have also just double checked it with a compass and confirm that the craft determines North correctly.

As for the mission planner lines -

Red = Current heading, the line shows the direction the front of the UAV is pointing
Orange = Direction to next waypoint.
Green = Target heading, think this is for planes only and is the heading it’s trying to get to.
Black = GPS track, direction the GPS says you are currently moving in.

Thanks Guys! Will be taking it out for another try in the next couple of days. Been delayed as I’ve re-configured my quads and have fitted a DJI Ground Station in my main AP drone. Not sure about this APM lark… it has some great features but can’t touch DJI for stability and reliability. Just wish the GS had ROI/POI features!

I’ll let you know how I get on.

Sorry, but I have to chuckle at that.

I had an Naza-M once, had about 6 flights in total, 4 of which it went out of control and the last one resulted in it flying straight to the bottom of the harbour.

APM has only ever had pilot error problems and “touch wood” has had a nothing but successful flights this year with the one exception of an esc failing a pre-flight check.

Amazing how we all have different experiences… and not sure about pilot error… mine decided to flip over and crash following Auto tune of it’s own accord! Certainly won’t be using that feature again!

I’ve been flying NAZA for 2 years without so much as a glitch…

I’m sure that the APM is great if it’s set up correctly, it’s just that you need a degree in programming and robotics to do so!

I’m pretty technical but I do find it confusing.

I’m sure that both boards have something to offer so I will continue to use both but for different circumstances.

I’m not knocking the APM, it has some great features, I just wish it was a little less complicated to set up.