Norwegian "Statkart" missing elevation data in Mission Planner

I have been away from this hobby for 2 years. Now it looks like I cannot obtain elevation data from “Mission Planner/Plan”

Installed current Mission Planner 1.3.76 and selected Map Type “Statkart_Topo” and loaded some of my old missions. I wanted to check the terrain by choosing “Map Tool”/“Elevation Graph” but no terrain elevation graph from Statkart showed up, only waypoint elevations from mission and a flat, blue line from “DEM” (Google Maps?).

In the southern part in Norway I could have used Google Maps, but not where I live north of the Sognefjord :expressionless:.

Here is a link to Teknisk håndbok |
Sorry, it looks like there is limited information in English, I still hope you can make use of it.

Living in the western part of the country I found what I needed here: