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Nora serial port numbering

The serial port labeling on my Nora doesn’t match the wiki. I don’t have a port labeled GPS2 and I have a UART3 on the side. Is there a config file or something like that where that info is defined?

My MinimOSD works OK when attached to TELEM1 (which is Serial1) but I want to connect it to UART4 and no settings for Serial3 or greater make that work.

Serial port labeling from the Wiki:

  • SERIAL0 = console = USB
  • SERIAL1 = Telemetry1 = USART1
  • SERIAL2 = Telemetry2 = USART6
  • SERIAL4 = GPS2 = UART4


I do not use MinimOSD… but Nora serial ports 1 to 4 are as the wiki, even if not explicit (label).

Serial 1 is used by the wifi link. (Telemetry 1)

On my Nora I use Serial 2 for RangeFinder

Serial 3 is the GPS multi uses plug (with CUAV M8N serial GPS)

Serial 4 (UART4) could be used for second serial GPS with i2c compass or else (Range finder)

Sorry, but I have no clue about UART3 Serial port number?

More information with X7/Nora Pinout reference:

but serial port number is still missing.

Thanks for the information. It looks like it isn’t a problem with the serial config (the port labeled UART4 is Serial4) but rather that I can’t have more than one Mavlink stream active.

Both the telemetry radio (900x) and MinimOSD use Mavlink. I’ve tried enabling and disabling ports and swapping the devices. Both the radio and OSD work on Serial1, but whatever is plugged into Serial4 will not work unless I disable Serial1.

I thought it might be SRx parameters. Though I thought those get configured depending on the device changing them didn’t seem to help.

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