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Nora analog power monitoring pins

I’m upgrading a Pixhawk to a Nora and am reusing my Mauch power supply rather than the CAN power supply that came with the Nora.

My voltage readings are incorrect. I see that pins 16 and 17 are used when using the CAN power supply. Should different pins be used with analog current and voltage monitoring?

In the PowerA port pins 16 and 17 should be the analog volt/current monitoring pins (the old fashioned way) and the CAN monitoring should be via PowerC port. The CAN monitoring doesnt have pins defined, it just uses the CAN bus.
You would have to change you battery monitor to “Other” and set the Mauche values for voltage multiplier and Amps/volt

Thank you, that solved one problem. I had the power supply plugged into PowerC. With it plugged into PowerA the voltage is read correctly. But that’s lead to another problem

I must have had it connected to power PowerC because with it in PowerA the Nora is not powered. I’m seeing the correct voltage reading with it in PowerA only because I am powering the Nora via USB.

The cable must be constructed correctly as it does power the Nora via PowerC. Is there any reason why PowerA wouldn’t be working?


I got exactly the same problem, setting BATT_VOLT_PIN and BATT_CURR_PIN respectively to 16 & 17 with my Mauch/Nora setup on PowerA but voltage seems not to follow my voltmeter after calibration and current stays to zero.
So far, I tried other pins without success

Try Current on Pin 1 and Voltage on Pin 0, adjust multiplier if you have a reading.

Already tested, here is what I get when I put 0 and 1, almost 0 (e-122) for voltage with any multiplier and nothing for current,
going to make more tests

Actually, pin 16 seems to be the right pin for voltage, I have a little bit of voltage drop when I make motors spin, it makes sense, multiplier =>18,5
pin 17 still 0amps with any multiplier, going to check the sensor…

I finally managed to calibrate the current sensor, Pin 17 is correct but multiplier is really high : BATT_AMP_PERVLT = 266,5181

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