Noob VTOL Questions now that the ESC are working

Hey all I have a VTOL wiring system on my bench. Connecting everything up before it eventually goes in the drone. Today I powered it up to check the FPV gear and noticed an odd smell…not the magic smoke just something. I then checked the ESC’s and found 3 of the 5 are really warm to the touch. I was wondering what could cause that.
The machine is not configured as a quadplane as yet. I only just connected the PWM up to the motors and need to start the config…but I would not think that would be the problem

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

You have to install one of these:


hahahah I can always count on you hahahahaha
I suspect I have three faulty ESC. I had pulled them out of the drawer for this test rig. But wasn’t sure.

Right now I just use a cloths pin on my nose. Tomorrow I will run out for the pine tree. lol

Is it some glue or coating on the ESCs?? I’ve had the Tekko32 4in1 ESCs get hot near their tiny voltage reg/CPU during bench testing, but were fine when fitted properly and flying.

I think they are conformal coated. But they are hot in about a minute. Tomorrow I will swap one out fo a new in a pack esc and see if that gets hot. Like I said I suspect some bad esc’s. I keep thinking I had them in my large quad and they didn’t work.
I have so much stuff I cant’ recall. So experiment tomorrow.

Test them alone with battery, motor and servo tester.

Confirmed 3 faulty ESC. Replaced them. No over heating anymore.

Just building my first VTOL and working through the wiring. I have the guts on a bench to I can run wires and debug before it gets installed into the craft…which is also under construction. So here is my first Noob question.

In copter I can do a motor test. IT shows 4 buttons one for each motor and if i press them the corresponding motor spins.
I notice in Qplane it shows 4 motors as well but there are 5 and I am puzzled how I test that motor.

Open to suggestions.