Noob VTOL Arduplane Questions

Hey out there.
Just started building my first quadplane.
Been flying copters for ages so I was expecting there to be a lot of similarities. There are but there are also a number of differences I cant make sense of. So I thought I would ask the experts.

So fist up is YAW. I notice that on the bench…right now I am just assembling the wiring.
Making sure it all works. But I noticed that the rudder doesn’t work on qstabilize. I assume this is normal. But I see the aileron and elevator do move on qstab when I move the control stick. So I don’t get this.

Second I get esc telemetry from the 4 lift motor esc but not the pusher. Is this normal. All are BLheli esc’s.

Motor test.I can test the 4 lift motors in motor test but the pusher doesn’t show up. I know it works because in FBWA I see it spin up.

Any input would be appreciated.

I believe that is the correct behavior for the rudder. Are you testing while armed? I use the emergency motor cutoff and then arm to test most functions. I suggest removing the props as well. I found testing in manual will help diagnose stuff as well. Keep in mind some stuff will behave differently until other params are met such as airspeed etc. Don’t have any input on your other questions.

Super thank you. I just needed to confirm the rudder was working correctly.
This has no props in fact it’s not even installed in the machine. It’s on the bench as I wired the different parts up before the install into the bird. So I expect that some of the behavior will be odd as the PID loop will struggle with it not moving.

I do struggle with ESC calibration. Seems to be a lot harder then the quadcopters are.
I have been able to test all motors but expected the pusher motor would have shown up in the motor test function…guess not. lol

Expected behaviour, it’s normal in all the quad modes starting with a Q - QHover, QLoiter etc.
Also, control surfaces work only when your PWM outputs are armed i.e. your hardware safety switch is off.

Follow the docs here to calibrate your pusher. The idea is to have the mode set to Manual and have the autopilot pass through the throttle PWM so that you can calibrate the ESC as if it were directly connected to the receiver.

As far as the VTOL lift ESCs the calibration procedure should be identical to the Copter procedure since the QuadPlane part uses the Copter codebase (from my understanding), docs here.

I use ESCs with a fixed input range so I only need to set the Q_M_PWM_* min and max params.

Only the quad motors will show up here, this is normal. From my current understanding, the Motor Test feature is only for the Copter firmware part and not the Plane part.

Hope this helps, cheers!