Noob need help with failsafe

Using a pixhawk 2.4.8, I keep getting random flight times as my failsafe kicks in. Ive checked my logs and there are a few errors but don’t know what they mean.

Could anyone take a look?

You need to grant access for the team to look.


Changed the permissions, thank you

Looks like a combo of twisted motors and your hitting the min throttle (forget the param) of motor 2 and sometimes 3 (look at the graph of rcout c1, c1, c3, c4). You could lower that a little and fix your tilt(s). They should all be fairly close, yours are different enough its causing issues. You also look to be over powered but that’s probably ok

Do you mean throttle as in over powered?

Also looks like you have an issue with the receiver on board.



I meant as in large motors / props compared to overall weight but not so sure that’s the case… did you actually take off or just spin the motors up with it sitting on the ground? Its best to give it good throttle for the first meter or 2 so the flight controller is not confused by being partially supported by the ground or affected by prop wash

Using 880kv motors, 10" props on a 450 frame. Have had it flying, tested with wps too but when just hovering around the garden the failsafe kicks in, I’ve been trying to test battery for flight times, getting about 20 minutes, one test I got 13 minutes continuously hovering, the last log was 7 minutes on full battery. Thought it was a battery issue but with the 7 minutes thought I’d check the logs.

Using an r9 receiver, signal seems fine on controller side, any idea what the error is?

Nothing really to learn from this log. Did it even leave the ground? Try another log where it’s actually flying and a failsafe has occurred.

Flight test

Late frame is something related to the FC not getting the signal from the receiver.
I had it happen when there was a loose antenna on my receiver.
But thats all I know of the error. Andy just explained to me it was receiver related

#1 800kv motors spinning 1" props on 4S is totally wrong. 920ish Kv motors on 3S is a better fit.

#2 There is no current data in the log. If you are not using a battery monitor then you need to get one. If you are using a battery monitor you need to get it setup (Mission Planner > Setup> Optional Hardware > Battery Monitor) and calibrated. Having accurate current and voltage data is critical for evaluating power system (battery, motors, props) performance. Having accurate voltage and current data is also critical for having consistent and reliable low battery fail safe functionality.