Noob having trouble downloading APM Planner 2.0

I have a new 3DR DIY quadcopter with Pixhawk, never flown, trying to get it calibrated. Had trouble with APM planner so I uninstalled it from my Dell laptop and downloaded it again. Now on the Initial Setup page, the only choices I have are Install Firmware and 3DR Radio. No Mandatory Hardware tab. Any help would be appreciated.

You have to connect to your quad before the the configuration options will show up.

What troubles were you having with it that made you uninstall/reinstall it?

As I started my post, I’m a “noob” to the world of UAVs and RC flying. But you are correct, I connected the Pixhawk to my computer and there it is! Thanks a million!

The reason I uninstalled and reinstalled the software was to try to fix a problem with ESC calibration. Three of the motors would spin very fast and one would stay motionless after arming, so I recalibrated. The problem persisted, so I decided to recalibrate the RC radio (throttle) but my computer froze, the Mandatory tab seemed to disappear, and I thought reinstalling would be a good idea. As I said, I’m new to this. Turns out the motionless ESC is bad. Hopefully a new one will have me up and flying soon. Again, thanks for your help.