Noob bricks rover

I bought my rover (Aion Robotics R1) last year and wanted to learn more about the cube and other components so I figured flashing the pixhawk with 4.0 would be a good place to start.
I don’t have much for Internet access so I downloaded the files when I could and did a manual flash with MP. After the flash was done I noticed that the notes say NOT to use a USB hub, which I had done so I didn’t have to crack the housing.
Since then the system starts up but the Here 2 only flashes the initial blue LEDs then nothing. The controller seems to be connected but I can’t arm the rover (no GPS) or get any other response.
Panicked and reverted to 3.5.2 with the same results.
Waiting to see if Aion Robotics can help me but wanted to get other advice as well to help me learn from my mistakes. Thanks for any insight!

Don’t understand. How did you connect to the flight controller? It’s not so easy to brick them.

Here is the current Stable Rover for Cube Orange:
ardurover.apj (998.1 KB)

They added an external USB port which is plugged into the Pixhawk. It has a cube black and I used the appropriate files for it.

I only contacted them yesterday so still waiting.

So what’s the Hub you are talking about?

External USB port plugged into the Pixhawk.

I don’t think that’s a “hub” it’s just a connector extension. If you are talking about that Pod on the top of the Rover. Anyway it’s 4 screws to remove the top and connect directly right?

Yes, the connector on top. After installing 4.0 with the extension I connected straight to the Pixhawk to revert to 3.5.2.

You didn’t happen to save the parameter file before flashing 4.0? If it’s not working with 3.5.2 then you may as well flash back to 4.0 and troubleshoot it. Post your parameter file, let’s see what was transferred from 3.5.2.

Saving the params would have been to easy.Rover-20210712-3.5.2.param (13.6 KB)

Flashing back to 4.0 results in 3 notes on startup rather than the musical tune. :frowning:

Well, not sure I can help. Clearly some parameters were saved (compass offsets, accel calibration data, flight modes, etc.). Other than that it’s mostly default. It is odd that this is a skid steer vehicle and the Servo outputs are configured for conventional steer but this may have something to do with the RoboClaw board and how it’s configured.

Should have asked this 1st. Is there a companion computer on this vehicle?

I did ask over on the Rover Discord channel and the reply, from the Aion Software Development Manager, was it was official Ardurover, not a custom version. The only parameter he said was different was a serial port baud rate (see above question).

No companion computer. All stock.

After connecting to Mission Planner what error messages are shown from the Messages tab?

So the advice from Mr. Machuca, Aion Software Development Manager, is to use Master (4.1.0-dev). This can be found in “latest” in the repository or use Ctrl>Q from the Install Firmware screen of Mission Planner to populate the latest -dev version.

Thanks for the assist. I didn’t reinstall 4.0 after a couple of failures but 3.5 results in the normal tune, though with the same issues. I’ll try 4.01dev when possible. Thanks again.

As a (final?) test, I hooked the Here2 up as serial (I2C) and get this ominous LED sequence: flashing yellow LEDs and flashing red around the safety switch.