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Non-mavlink live video

(intpix) #1

I have been experimenting with QGroundControl, and I cannot seem to find any way to get live video to display without using mavlink. I know in Mission Planner you can take in video from a video capture card, but there does not seem to be this same functionality in QGroundControl.

Is there any way to get a live video connection which does not use mavlink?

(DonLakeFlyer) #2

The video support in QGC comes over WiFi as opposed to through mavlink. QGC daily builds now have support for showing video from connected UVC devices.

(Canarias Stock ) #3

Hi friend qgroundstation does not have UVC devices to display videos, or that never works, the APP Tower if it fucniona correct with perfect UVC devices, QgroundStation does not work UVC video, I use UVC OTG FPV receiver by usb and it does not work on qground

(DonLakeFlyer) #4

Are you using the latest Android build 3.2.1?

(Canarias Stock ) #5

Hi friend, I use the latest version of pixhawk 2.4.8 the latest version of qgroun station but does the ground station support UVC video? I do not see that option inside the qgroundstation APP

(DonLakeFlyer) #6

To use UVC you plug in the device and then select it from Settings/General page in the Video section. Should be supported on all OS except for iOS. I thought it was supported on Android as well but not quite sure about that one.

(Canarias Stock ) #7

Sir the UVC option is not inside options in qgroundstation check you are not that option

(Barry Bolton) #8

I use a Raspberry PI and send the stream to my tablet with gstreamer as a udp video stream. Workss like a dream.

(Kikislater) #9

@Barry_Bolton : Could you explain your setup please ?

(Ryan Montgomery) #10

I am interested in your setup as well…


(Kikislater) #11

May be this one :

Looking forward Barry

(mocart) #12

hello Sir.
A few days ago I did publish short movie in this group with my current experience with qground control video decoding. Could you take a look on this movie and let me know if your video pipeline feed is decoded with the same issues as mine ?
thanks in advance