Non gps lock or compass

Hello. I’m working with cube orange plus and here3 gps. What i have figured out so far is if load arduplane on my flight controller, gps works and i’m able to calibrate compasses no problem. Is anyone else having this problem?

I forgot to mention that i’m using the latest version of arducopter for helis.

Set BRD_BOOT_DELAY,3000 and see if that helps

The boot delay had no effect.

Set LOG_DISARMED,1 to gather a .bin log file and upload it to a file-sharing service and provide the link to it.
Also provide a screenshot of the HW ID screen in MissionPlanner.
Set LOG_DISARMED,0 when done.

Im still working on the bin log

There is a bin file i was able to create but its too large to send. I tried using google drive to file share but it’s not taking it.

There is certainly GPS data in that log.
You appear to be under cover or too close to buildings (reflections, multipathing)

I can see these road blocks:

  • PreArm: Set H_COL_ANG_MIN to measured min blade pi
  • PreArm: Heli motors checks failed
  • PreArm: Collective below failsafe
  • PreArm: 3D Accel calibration needed
  • PreArm: Compass not calibrated

so there is still work to be done.

For the compass calibration, go outside and wait for a good GPS 3D Fix then do the calibration.

Thank you. yes i reloaded firmware so many times I stopped doing a complete setup till I figured out compass and GPS. I did try doing it outside but i wasn’t able to get compass calibrated or get GPS locks like i did with arduplane.