No Vspd or Alt in telemetry

Vertical Speed and Altitude show up in mission planner and on the OSD, but does not update on the QX7’s or yaapu’s telemetry. I’d like to use Vspd as a source for the audio vario. Everything else seems to work fine.

I have a Matek F405 Wing with ArduPlane 4.0.5 using FrSky S.Port Passthrough on serial6 for telemetry (SERIAL6_OPTIONS 4, SERIAL6_PROTOCAL 10)
R9 Slim+ using “inverted” S.Port
QX7 running OpenTX and yaapu.
Mission Planner 1.3.72

I do not have a GPS hooked up currently.

Does anyone have any ideas?

After getting GPS hooked up telemetry now has Vspd and Alt, after the GPS gets a fix.
Its clear that the Vspd and Alt written to the telemetry are using GPS as the source.

Is it possible to use the vertical velocity and alt calculated from the internal barometer instead?