No UAVCAN under Pixhawk 4

Hello all.

I have one Holybro Pixhawk 4 board where the two UAVCAN bus connectors are not working when running ArduPlane v3.9.4. I have set the two drivers parameters has shown under but I am unable to find the Pixhawk when using a Zubax Babel.

Because of this I have tried out other ArduPlane versions such as the v3.9.2 but with no success.

In order to make sure the hardware is good, I have then installed PX4 v1.8 and both UAVCAN bus work as it should.

Is there any incompatibility between this board and Ardupilot or am I missing some critical parameters that is not mentioned on the link above?

Best regards.

Just an idea but worth checking. I know on Zubax GPS a fixed node id has to be set in order for it to work. Maybe you need to set a fixed node id on your hardware too (i think it is an esc).

Arducopter doesn’t support dynamic ID allocation as far as i know, so a static node id needs to be set.