No throttle with props on Hexa 680 13"

I am in the process of building a Hexacopter with the following:

TX16s with ELRS 900mhz
Kakute H7
2 Tekko 32 F4 65A 4-1 esc’s
6 XING 2814 880kv 4-6s brushless
6 Master Airscrew 13" 4.5 pitch
8200mAh 4s2p

When I bench spin the motors, I get throttle up and down without issue.
When I put the props on and take it outside to launch, Props will only spin at min spin speed, and I get no throttle response.
If I look at my transmitter when I throttle up on launch attempt, I can see the throttle movement on the transmitter screen, but no difference on the vehicle. I have replaced one of the 4-1 escs because I was having issue in BLHeli32 seeing all of the escs on read setup. This issue has resolved with the replacement esc, but I still cannot launch. I have the same issue. I have built many quads with ardupilot and it is my firmware of choice. But I am beside myself with confusion on why this would happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read on my issue.

Have a great day!

Did you disable Low RPM Power Protect in the BLHeli fimrware?

Dave, I saw that yesterday, and thought I would look into that setting. Can you tell me anymore about that setting? I know this is a totally different forum…but any information is greatly appreciated

It limits power when Low RPM from desync is detected. It’s useful on relatively high kV motors. With low kV motors it does just what it says! It’s almost always enabled by default as the typical use for many of these ESC’s are race type quads.

Thank you so much! I am going to take a look at this when I get off from work today.

I will reply with my results.

Thanks again!

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Jude Garcia

I think you have the same problem I did - the F4’s have a bug where the temperature sensor doesn’t work. Set the temperature protection to off by dragging the slider all the way to the left:


Thank you for the recommendation. After making those config changes I was able to get the Hex up off the ground, and defaults out pretty steady. Thank you !