No throttle output seemingly for no reason

Pixhawk 4 from Hollybro
Running 4.0.2
I flew several packs this morning with no issues what so ever. I went to fly again later, and had no throttle output.
When the hardware safety switched is pressed, the ESCs react accordingly, so there is obviously some kind of signal output.
I’ve tried:
re-calibrating the radio
re-installing the firmware
using a different ESC
using the same TX with a different drone (armed and flew no problem)
using the motor testing tab to control the motors

All with no output. Everything looks to be working in Qgroundcontrol. I can’t find any info on anyone having a similar problem. Any ideas? I think I’m going to try to downgrade the firmware first.

Turn on logging while disarmed and post a log please.

After some more trouble shooting, I noticed that the ESC for motor 4 wasn’t behaving the same as the rest (beep timing and such). So i re-calibrated my ESCs and i have motor output again. Odd. Thanks.