No telemetry after EdgeTX 2.10.0 firmware update

After updating my TX16S mkII to EdgeTX 2.10.0, loading all default SD contents for 2.10.0, and reinstalling yaapu following “Installation on Horus radios”, no telemetry is being detected by the radio or shown by yaapu, however the RFD TXMOD in the module bay is still able to send all telemetry to Mission Planner over WIFI via TCP.

The yaapu widgets display correctly in the radio but no telemetry.

Attempted “Delete all” and “Discover new” in telemetry settings but nothing appears to be coming into the radio. Also no “telemetry connected” message as described in the summary of changes since v2.9.

Rolling firmware back to EdgeTX “Providence” v2.9.4 results in telemetry restored into both radio and yaapu.

Any of you having a similar problem?