"No such file or directory" Please help with Arducopter simulator on Windows 10

I am pretty sure I followed the installation instructions on this page and the Cygwin64 and MAVProxy pages it referenced:

But I get this error message when I attempt to run the simulator:


What did I do wrong or miss? Please give details because I do not know computer jargon too well.



by default it uses the Cygwin home directory, to move to c drive it would be
cd /cygdrive/c (i think) then cd to the ardupilot directory.

OK, cool. Where do I go from here?


Thanks Peter,


Where ever you put the directory looks like it would be
cd Users/Paul_3/home/ardupilot or someting close

You can get the full path from the folder properties

I never put the ardupilot directory - it was not mentioned in the installation instructions.

Is that an extra step?

Thanks again,


you need to download the code using git

Thanks Peter.

I see where this is going and I will not go further - I fear it may become an endless series of pestering questions at each new step.

It would of course be nice if there was a simulator that you could simply install and run your Mission plans.

Thanks again and sorry for the questions,


There is a simulator in mission planner, http://ardupilot.org/planner/docs/mission-planner-simulation.html
Really you only need to do the method you were attempting if you plan on making changes to the code.


Found and used the simulator built into Mission Planner. It is exactly what I needed.



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