No SONARRANGE data via MavLink

Hey guys,
encountered a strange issue today.
Long story short:
Given 2x Pixhawks 2.1, 1 Laptop with Mission Planner 1.3.50, 1 PC with same version MP, LW20 LiDAR, TBS Crossfire downlink via BT.

Both Pixhawks show LiDAR - sonarrange data on any firmware when connected via USB cable to both the laptop and the PC.
NO sonarrange readings published in MP (0 both sonarrange and sonarvoltage) when connected via BT to TBS Crossfire downlink.
All the other telemetry data is correctly displayed, read/write works, only sonarrange and sonarvoltage - 0 (ZERO)

Hope to get some hints on a possible solution,

Seems like SR1 stream rates are not being written to the board, and revert to defaults after set to rates recommended in Crossfire manual. I suspect this is the cause some of the readings are not displayed in MP. Any ideas by chance why SR1 params reject saving?

@Anto6ka Had a similar issue with the PixRacer ESP8266 module,
its been fixed with the new firmware:

Thanks @ppoirier, the firmware on this Hexa is latest stable copter 3.5.3, what firmware has fixed your issue?

The ESP8266 firmware : MavLink ESP8266 Firmware V 1.1.1
It might be of some interest for you to check at what was implemented on the new release, it could give a clue.

Will check, thanks, however I am using TBS Crossfire for telemetry, connected to the laptop via bluetooth. Even if I disconnect it and try to modify SR1 params through a USB cable, they don’t seem to save and revert to defaults on the READ attempt or after a power cycle.
Will try using another PC tomorrow.

Possibly the crossfire telemetry. We are yet to confirm, but have had reports that the crossfire downsamples the telemetry from 57600baud (on the wire) to 12kbaud (over the air). How it does this (ie what messages it discards/passes) is currently a mystery.

it discard messages at a guess because it depends what revision of mavlink it was compiled for. ie the message most likerly didnt exist for the firmware version on the 3rd party system.

Thanks guys for your inputs. After a number of attempts and config changes I managed to get sonarrange messages coming through crossfire downlink. The issue’s core was laying in settings for the RX, channels 7-8 were set to Mavlink TX/RX, after changing those to Serial TX/RX rangefinder messages started making it to the MP.
What I can’t still manage, is having the Stream Rates settled at set parameters. After modifying SR1 group to recommended rates, at the first connection by air, rates are reset. Matching them with rates in Planner menu doesn’t fully help as some of them behave like being interlocked with the others, so I can’t get a complete match between the actual rates and recommended rates at any time.
Compared to DLv3 setup, it is very different, DL was a straightforward process, once rates were set, everything bound perfectly together.

It seems it’s indeed a firmware issue with crossfire at this moment. Looking forward to trying an upcoming beta, that, by TBS’s rep words, should address this issue.

I have just flashed a freshly released beta firmware 2.12 for the xfire, and it seems the issue with sonarrage messages has been addressed. At least on the bench all seems working, field tests to follow.

I was having major problems connecting MAVLINK over TBS Crossfire (version 2.12) and bluetooth.

I changed the serial port (SR2, telem2) to use MAVLINK2 as the protocol instead of MAVLINK1. This seems to have resolved the problem.