No signal to esc DJI E310


I have a pixhawk 2 with arducpoter 3.5.5 (i think) and DJI esc E310. RC and sensors are calibrated.
I can arm in stabilize mode. But no motors work. ESC play Bib…Bib… slowly and leds blink yellow, according DJI user manual: no signal input. I think pixhawk didn’t sent any PWM signal.

I tried to do ESC calibration and i set manualy MOT_PWM_MIN / MAX : 1120 / 1920 but nothing.

Can you help me ?

If you still have this problem try increasing MOT_SPIN_ARM. This increases the PWM to the ESCs when armed to get the motors spinning at low speed.


Verify you have the ESCs connected to the proper MAIN OUT pins and that they are connected with the proper polarity…