No signal at ESC (no beeps in the motor as well)

Hi there, im new here.

I have a x-quadcopter with APM 2.6 + 3DR power module + Turnigy OPTO 45a ECS.

Without JP1 jumper (open).

I followed all the “Initial setup”.

I had to set the ESC with the manual mode, everything fine.

When I want to take off my first flight, ESC do not respond, I check that pass succesfully the pre-arm tests. I can get the permanent red led. But no beeps o signal of motors/ESCs.

What im doing wrong?

Sorry if is not the correct subforum, let me know if this goes somewhere else.

Thanks for your time.

Sounds like the aoutputs to the escs aren’t going low enough.

Have you calibrated your radio in mission planner?