No servo working YRRC miniPX4 Arduplane V4.09

Hello everyone
I’m new here so let’s just hope I don’t do anything stupid.

What do I have.
A YRRC mini PX 4 from BG. Installed it for arduplane, at data/messages I see V4.09.

What did I connect for the test. The FC board YRRC, the GPS, the receiver X8R, a servo and the ESC. I have 5 Volts on the + of the output through the ESC, and a servo.

I have connected the receiver with SBUS. And the servo directly on the output from the FC board.

What do I see at Config/mandatory hardware/servo output
1 - Aileron, moves when using stick
2 - Elevator, moves when using stick
3 - ESC, does not move when using stick
4 - moves when using stick
5 - Is RCIN5

On FC board a green LED flashes
Working with DATA horizon and GPS.

What’s going wrong:
The servos do nothing.

I’ve been active on google for 2 days now to see what the problem is, but I can’t get any further.
Everything seems to work, horizon, GPS everything. It looks good.

Hopefully you have some advice, after a few days I don’t know what to do anymore. This is my 1st Arduplane project, so no experience in what it could be.

Regards, Frans (The Netherlands)


They are working now.
This is what have done.

I now have three planes with FC board. Two with Omnibus F4V3 and one with MATEK-F405 Wing. All three on INAV.
For ArduPilot I am an absolute beginner. Now let’s see if I can get the wireless telemetry working.
I’ve tried a few more things, and that’s not helpful if you’re testing later. Because now I don’t know what really is the reason for succes.
But, the servo’s are moving now!
Regards, Frans.