No Servo & throttle Output


I’m experiencing a very strange problem here. Should be plug and play but there’s no servo movement for all channel. So far i did:

-armed through mission planner 1.3.49
-disable button arming
-servo rail powered by different esc and battery from power module.
-check raw sensor data and the pixhawk received the signal.

but still no output either manual or stabilize mode.

What other check that i have to do?

Hardware I used:
-Pixhawk 2.1 with ArduPlane 3.8.2
-Futaba R2008SB through SBUS and RC In
-Servo on MAIN OUT 1,2,4
-ESC and Battery on MAIN OUT 3
-Battery and power module on power 1
-Telemety 433mhz

Please help me, I’m still new in this area. :cry:

first thing is to post a DF log file so we can see if there are any odd parameters and if its trying to move the outputs.

i’m not sure whether this the correct log file that you were asking
1 01-01-2000 08-03-24.bin.log (284.0 KB)
1 01-01-2000 08-03-24.bin (152 KB)
if not, show me how to get the log file please