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No Servo & throttle Output

(Shafwan Nordin) #1


I’m experiencing a very strange problem here. Should be plug and play but there’s no servo movement for all channel. So far i did:

-armed through mission planner 1.3.49
-disable button arming
-servo rail powered by different esc and battery from power module.
-check raw sensor data and the pixhawk received the signal.

but still no output either manual or stabilize mode.

What other check that i have to do?

Hardware I used:
-Pixhawk 2.1 with ArduPlane 3.8.2
-Futaba R2008SB through SBUS and RC In
-Servo on MAIN OUT 1,2,4
-ESC and Battery on MAIN OUT 3
-Battery and power module on power 1
-Telemety 433mhz

Please help me, I’m still new in this area. :cry:

(tridge) #2

first thing is to post a DF log file so we can see if there are any odd parameters and if its trying to move the outputs.

(Shafwan Nordin) #3

i’m not sure whether this the correct log file that you were asking
1 01-01-2000 08-03-24.bin.log (284.0 KB)
1 01-01-2000 08-03-24.bin (152 KB)
if not, show me how to get the log file please