No Servo Output - BalanceBot

I’ve put together a BalanceBot using the recommended Pololu motor and RoboClaw motor controller. The motors/RoboClaw were successfully tested using both USB control and RC control. The RC control was done with the RC receiver directly connected to the RoboClaw. The issue I’m having is the Pix4 won’t drive the motors using RC1 and RC3. Connecting a servo directly to the Pix4 won’t work either unless a battery is connected to the servo output rail. Connections from the RoboClaw bring power to the servo rail. The Pixhawk arms ok with no faults, and the motor test doesn’t work. Please look. over the parameters and log, and give me your thoughts.


Mission Planner -1.3.68
Rover - 3.5.2

~$lanceBot1Oct8 2019 v2.param (13.1 KB)

You have the safety switch enabled.

After looking a the .Bin you have a RCOUT to both channel 1 and 3. ESC issue maybe.


Thanks for the response. I got the motors to run by clipping the positive leads between the flight controller and the RoboClaw. Can you explain what you meant "you have a RCOUT to both channel 1 and 3?


I could see that a pwm signal on channel 1 and 3 was going out to the motor controller.

Not sure if you ever figured out what was wrong with yours? I am having the same issue with Ardurover Skid-Steer where my Throttle Left/Right outputs 0 and wont arm my ESCs or anything.