No Sat. - U-blox m8n GPS

Hi everybody. I have apm2.8 with BeStar BN-880 (U-blox m8n) gps.
In u-center everything is ok ; i am getting 7-8 sats. in indoors with hdop1.1.
When i connect to apm via usb everything is also ok.
But when i connect the battery to power module which powers the apm, escs. and everything else; gps is getting crazy. For one second it captures 5-7 sats than suddenly nothing and again 5-7 sats for a sec. than again 0.
Gps is at least 15 cm. away from escs.
Any ideas??? :confused:

Hi Ruby81,

this is my first post here, but I would like to help you.

I have the M8N GPS (but not BeStar BN-880), have you checked that all parameters are set correctly?
You should dowload the U-center from ublox website and connect the GPS (throught USB) and check if all parameters are ok.
I use the M8N on Pixhawk, and I have to set the parameters before use, unless it doesn’t recognize the module.

I would like to say “check if the cable is ok” but I don’t know if you buy a cable or do it yourself.

Hope I can help further, sorry for my english!

Hi. Thanks for replay. I had problem with cable also the shield was not soldered good. A few days ago it almost flyed away and crashed in to the tree. For more than 2 weeks I didn’t touch anything. No one is helping here so I think I am gonna quit.

If you have another cable try it! I had problem with GPS in the past for the stupid DF13!!

Are you using the original power module?

  • With the voltmeter measure if the voltage out of the power module is the same that arrives at the GPS module (it should be equal or really close too)
  • Check if power cable runs close to GPS cable

P.S. Sorry for “stupid DF13” but I really don’t really like that connectors! I would like to have 2 version of pixhawk…1 with DF13 for small UAV and 1 version with better connectors.