No RTK Fix or RTK Float with +Here RTK GPS?

Hello @ all,

I followed the procedure on Arducopter but i never see the message RTK Fix or RTK Float…
I’m using a PixHawk2 and a +Here RTK GPS setup…
Maybe somebody had similar issues ?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards: Jan

3.4.x is not compatible with RTK inject. You need 3.5.0 or above


I am having the same issue, but running 2.5.0. Also running Pixhawk 2.

I am able to get a base position. Both ground and rover unit are running FW 1.3

Any ideas?

Got mine to work.

Turns out, I messed up big time on the telemetry antenna connector. So it didn’t have enough range.

However, I was still getting live updates on the HUD. The only thing that did not work when I was out of range, was updating parameters. So you will need enough signal strength to also be able to update your parameters in order to get a RTK Float Fix.


How did you check if it is a Telemetry issue?

Even after getting the Fixed LLA Gps status is still 3D FIX