No RSSI support?

Where are all the RSSI parameters? … parameters

Up until now I have been flying mostly airplanes and find it hard to believe that Multirotor firmware does not have full receiver RSSI support. Will that be available anytime soon? I need RSSI PWM for my Pixhawk.


Have you tried looking here - … parameters

I am running 3.3.1 and none of those show up on my MP menu. I only get RSSI_PIN and RSSI_RANGE? I just checked and my MP is up to date. Do I need to install 3.3.2 beta to have PWM RSSI support?

What am I doing wrong?


I have a FrSky that outputs PWM RSSI on a separate wire. I want to put in into Pixhawk port 103. Looking at all the new parameters I don’t see that option. Is what I want to do impossible?


I use a frsky d8r-xp on my quad.

I connect the rssi out to the pixhawk’s sbus port (103) using a converter - … 1370194266
as pwm isn’t directly supported under copter.

Then for settings I have -


This has worked fine for me.

I have been doing that for a couple of years on my airplanes. I am building a new quad and was hopping that the technology had improved to the point where I don’t need to use a converter. The simple converter sort of works but not the best solution.

Why is it such a problem? Will that happen some day or is there some sort of a hardware limitation with the Pixhawk?


I’m sorry for all the confusion here.

The improved RSSI code is available in ArduPlane 3.4, and scheduled for ArduCopter 3.4. It is not in ArduCopter 3.3, unfortunately. The online documentation does not make this in any way clear - the parameters are all for the new RSSI code, which does support RSSI via a PWM channel value. There’s no Pixhawk hardware limitation, it is all software in this case.

If there is serious interest I can make a custom build of ArduCopter 3.3 with the new RSSI code. It would be exactly like the released copy of ArduCopter 3.3, but would have the new RSSI code. Let me know if you would like this.

Thanks @stewlg for answering this question.
So the pwm based RSSI will go out with Copter-3.4 and until then we should update the wiki to clarify which features are not available in Copter-3.3.
The wiki issues list is here so that’s probably where we should request this change to the docs. … ker/issues

Thanks for the reply. I will just use a filter for now and wait for V3.4 to comes out.

Someone emailed me today to ask why they weren’t finding the RSSI via PWM setting in ArduPlane, and referenced this thread.

Please note that this feature did NOT make it into the final ArduPlane release for APM. It is Pixhawk (and Linux and whatever else) only. If you don’t find the relevant settings variables in Mission Planner, it is likely because you are not running a Pixhawk or other non-Arduino flight controller.

Oh, and it should now be available for ArduCopter and ArduPlane (and ArduRover etc, etc.)