No Reverse with Skid Steering

Hello dear friends,
On my boat I am using 2 thrusters to have Skid Steering on it, my ESCs have reverse function, when I steer it does steer very well, the motors spins forward or reverse as needed, I do have my Servo Max to 2000, Min to 1000 and Trim to 1500 but I am not able to put it to navigate backward, only forward.
Any suggestion?

Hi Nuno,

Have you done a radio control calibration?

If so, you may recall that in the last step of RC calibration there is the prompt “ensure all your sticks are centered and throttle is down.” This is where the software gets the offsets used for neutral or relative “zero” point for control inputs. Taking throttle for example, anything more than this value will be forwards and anything less reverse. Thus the throttle stick must be centered in the last step of calibration (as opposed to what the wiki states) if you want to be able to use that channel for forward and reverse. I would strongly advise you don’t do this however, and instead remap the throttle input to be controlled by a self centering stick (such as elevator). It will make control much safer, easier and lead to a better overall experience.

Hope this helps. Let me know how you go.

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Hi ME, you were right, I did that and checked the trim at 1500 on RC3 and now it is workiing.
Thank you a lot for your help on this basic issue.
They should refer this on the Docs.

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Hi Nuno,
Good to hear it is working now. Happy boating.

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