No reaction on Aux Out 1-6 for Gimbal or Pass Thru

Origin Pixhawk, Taranis X9D, D16, RX X8R, Connected via SBUS.

Pixhawk configured for Gimbal Tilt as recommended in the Wiki (RC12 instead of RC9) as in the Pic.

In MP Windows “Tuning” the ch6in is moving according to the command on the TX.
But ch12out remains at Zero, and the servo does not move.
Tested with all Type of Gimbals in the selection of Gimbal configuration.

Another test with the Pass Thru Function shows the same issue. No Output on the Aux Out’s.

BRD_PWM_COUNT is set to 4

Attached the Parameter File

No Aux Out.param (8.5 KB)

You should check that the Taranis is set up to output more than 8 channels , you can decide how many till 16.
Sometimes even if in D16 mode only 8 channels for output are selected.

Anyway looking at “Status” tab in mission planner should help to understand if the Rc12 works.

Thank your for your reply.
Taranis is set for 16 channels.
The signal (ch6in) arrives, as it coul’d be seen in the diagramm above.
I will have a look also in the status tab.

CH6In is not relevant if ch12 is not going out of your Taranis.

With Mission Planner when you run the radio calibration , you will have a list of min and max values for each channels, if the receiver has 16 channels you will see 16 items but this does not means that all of these channels are really active because by default if you enable D16 mode on the Taranis only 8 are.

In order to check the AuxOut I tested two things.

  1. To control the Gimbal as in the pix above.
  2. PassThru because #1 didn’t work.

Now I disabled the Gimbal Calib in order to concentrate of your recommendation.

On Taranis ch9 to 14 configured on diff. Knobs.
And in MP Config/Tuning Full parameter Tree RC9 to RC14 configuered as PassThru (#1)

The Radio Calibration page on MP show allways and only the main channels.
The ch9in to ch14in reacts when knobs are moved.
The ch9out to ch14out stay at Zero
Every other function of this Pixhawk works fine.
BRD_PWM_COUNT set to 4
It seems that some other Param disable all AuxOut.


Ch9 to 14(16) out monitoring is broken somewhere (status page).

If you have RCOUT checked in your Log Bitmask (Standard params page), you can look at your dataFlash log after flight and verify Ch9 to 14 output.

Ch9 (Tilt control) is working on my gimbal.


Yes, you where right. In the dataflash log I can see the channels working.
But not in MP Tuning Graphique screen nor in Status Windows.

After reset to default settings (with all the calibrating work again)
all AuxOuts works and also the Gimbal as configured in the Gimbal Page.
And also on the Pixhawk HW:

It seems to be an MP issue.
Thank you verry much