No "Q" parameters

I suspect this is a truly novice mistake, but—
I’m using latest MP, and latest stable AP firmware on a Matek F405wing FC.
This aircraft is built to be either a twin vectored bellysitter or a tailsitter. Just reached the parameter stage, but when I set Q_enable to 1, then write, then refresh, it’s reset itself to 0. Won’t let me see the “Q” params.
What am I doing wrong?

I recently had problems with parameters not getting saved/written, too. It seems, you have to enter the value and then click somewhere else, so the box gets highlighted in green. Then click write and the parameter should be changed.
I never noticed this before and seems to be related to the new and very annoying pop up boxes, which appear for some parameters.

Hi James,

You simply need to reboot the flight controller after changing Q_ENABLE.