No Power

Hi to all, I am new to this forum.
HK 650 Frame
APM 2.8 DJI 800 power train/opto escs lbs w no batt.
My quad arms, motors spin up, but will not lift off.
Good pitch response L,R, up and down. Just not enough throttle to lift off.
THR_Max set at 2000, in futaba TX set at 140.
This quad flies like a rocket w KK2 and 1000KV motors so not a weight problem.
Batt:2 11V 3000mAh 30C in parallel.
MP error message is EKF Vibe, no GPS fix.
Any suggestions appreciated.

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

First time I’ve ever tried this , so I hope this is what you need.
Thank you

Here’s a telemetry file. Perhaps that will help

Quad now airborne. In spite of what it says in fact. manual a 3S batt simply does not
have enough juice. Installed a 6S 22V and it leaps off the ground. Unfortunately due to local
weather I cant test it further, I will however update when weather improves.
Thanks to everyone for trying to help, and now I learned that even manufacturers can be wrong.