No Power

I goofed it up. Now no power. Motors max out at about 25% throttle. Motor speed does not increase if throttle is advanced beyond 25% with or without props! I have re-flashed my APM2.7 with ArduCopter V3.2.1 and gone over all my radio settings: end points 100%, etc. Throttle range looks good and I don’t see anything in Basic or Advance Parameters that should be limiting my throttle response, I re-calibrated all my ESCs the manual way (plugging them into my receiver throttle channel one at a time. I even reset the controller and went through the entire calibration / setup process all over again. Had it working a couple of weeks ago and went back to “Make it better” before the first flight. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Trying to lift off in Stabilize Mode, but not near enough power. Suspect I accidentally changed something in my transmitter setup, but throttle display looks correct. 2212 motors driving 1045 props with a 3S battery. Would appreciate any help to point me in the right direction. Thanks, Lynn, Austin, TX

I think I found the answer in another post related to Throttle and motor speed. Seems like there is a throttle parameter in the Advanced Parameters list called THR_MAX. Mine was set to 80. The answer to the other post suggested the value should be “1000”. I changed the parameter and will check it out tomorrow. Lynn, Austin

Hey Lynn did you get it off the ground??

Yes, I got it off the ground, but it flipped. I have one motor that is not working properly. I have gone through the ESC calibration several times. Will probably swap motors to resolve whether it is ESC or motor problem. Cannot find “motor test” in my version of APMPlanner. Any suggestions??

Mission Planner has it have you tried that?