No PC joystick initialization by Full Parameter list load?

Dear Devs,

Loading a saved MP 1.3.25 Full Parameter List does not initialize PC joystick configuration. By design, or not?

When configuring my choice of joystick and application scenario, I set the Full Parameter List “rcoverride” channel values for Max, Min, and Trims and map the joystick to each channel and function as needed, and test functional behavior, and then write the Full Parameter List to a file as well as have previously “Saved” the joystick configuration.

My expectation was that joystick configurations would or could also be written along with or embedded within the Full Parameter list in the file save operation. However, when I load the saved parameter list and write it to the APM, rcoverrides do not initialize the joystick as expected. I have to re-enable and remap or fully “configure” the joystick manually. This causes the need to keep “side-notes” to refer to when I have several different joystick configurations for different situations. The joystick “save” option seems to have low user value as it cannot be retrieved and loaded from a saved MP Full Parameter file nor auto-magically initialize the joystick from saved parameters.

Case study: if I configure the “hat” control on a Logitech F310 to act as a a throttle control in the Y axis, and as an ailerion trim in the X axis, with the Y axis “trim” set to initialize at 1000 on rcoverridech3, it always initializes at 1500 from a range of 1000 to 2000, even though I previously saved the joystick with Y axis set to 1000 and the Full Parameter list written as so to a file. When I reload the file and write out to the APM and review the written values, they are correct but the joystick does not initialize according to the design target values. Is it a joystick deficiency or a Mission Planner oversight, or does it just function this way “by design?”

the full param list has nothing to do with the joystick? so im confused

I have decided to continue further examination to see if there is any user error I may be overlooking at this point.