No Parameters/Alt/etc

Latest PixHawk firmware
Tower v3.2.1 & v3.2.1-beta.8
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - android 6.0.1

Tower seems to run fine, but never shows the altitude or is able to download the parameters. It just sits on the 0 of the 0/100 screen and never does anything. I’m starting to wonder if the two are related. The flight modes never seem to align with the actual mode, etc.

Is there anything I can do to debug to see what is going on? Am I on an unsupported configuration?


@BolognaFalcon What autopilot are you running on PixHawk?

I’m using the latest PX4 firmware/autopilot

In addition, using qgroundcontrol on my mac works great with it. Zero issues.

@BolognaFalcon PX4 is not yet supported on Tower. Development for it was just started recently.