No Parameter Description with latest MP Update - [SOLVED]

Any idea how I can turn the descriptions back on?

See post below - thank you Andras Schaffer

TIP - you might have to click on Parameter Tree, then back to Parameter List to refresh the list.

try regenerate parameter definitions. Press CTRL-F and select Param gen

Hi, I have the same problem. Yesterday I updated Mission planner to 1.3.70 build 1.3.7277.34800 V4.0.2.
Now my in standard params I don’t see the menu on the right hand, and I can’t load saved params and settings. I tried with F7 to param gen, but also this doesn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks Herman

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Standard and Advanced params has buttons on the top. and you cannot save/load param sets.
Go to Full Params List or Tree, the right hand menu avail only there.

F7 key does nothing in Mission Planner

Hi, I have no full param list.

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Then go to setting and select advanced layout

Sorry, not in that name. It’s called in this version: extended params. And in this list (looks like full Parma list) is no menu on the right side.

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well this is how it should look like when connected to a copter. There is no Extended Param tab, and AFAIK newer was.

I thought I downloaded the latest version, but you have a newer one. How is that possible? I will delete my version for full and download the version you use. I hope so. Do you have a special way to download that?

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Mine is beta and customized, but CONFIG panel is the same as your 1.3.70’s

Mine isn’t the same as yours. I will make a picture and send it to you.

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Mine config menu isn’t the same as yours. I will make a picture and send it to you.

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As you an see, I have a different config. No list and no tree.

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As I told in my first reply to you. Go to Planner menu and change layout from Basic to Advanced, then change tab to Flight Data and back to Config.

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Thank you for your help Andras

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Thanks and again thanks. It was a smal issue (in planner from basic to advanced) and I got the list and tree. Many greatings, Herman from The Netherlands.

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Hi Eosbandi,

I’ve lost all the parameter description after clicking on ‘Param gen’. Don’ know how to get them back.

My vehicle is 3DR SOLO with FW 3.5.4 connected by UDP.



got it!

I connect by usb my other quad and did ctrl+F then ‘param gen’. Before, I didn’t see the green button pushed meanning it was downloading by wifi? This time, I wait a while, when it finished it closes the window automatically, then I restart MP and it woks now.

Reconnect Solo by UDP to MP and it works too.

Thank you Eosbandi

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I did as you said above. The basic and advanced parameters still missing. Can you help me out of this?