No parachute... I'm I going crazy?

Setting up my parachute and ran into something crazy. I can’t assign the output channel. Normally I would use AUX1 wich is RC9. Some go to RC9_FUNCTION to set it to 27 for parachute… It doesn’t exist lol! I looked for something similar just in case the param named has changed from 3.4, but nothing. Ok, what am I missing? I know I’m going to be embarrassed!

Just ignore my stupidity. I’m so used to working directly with parameters I didn’t even think to look in initial setup under optional hardware. Yup, drop down menu with servo number lol.

That actually didn’t help as it isn’t recorded for some reason. But I did find servo9_function and set it to 27, that works. So turns out just a new param name and numbering. Been awesome talking to myself : )

Hi,I got a question like yours in ArduPlane 3.8.0. I connect my parachute with RC7,Generally,with arduplane 3.7.1 stable ,I set RC7_FUNCTION to 27 for parachute,but now,I cant find RC7_FUNCTION param,Can you give me some advice?thnaks

You’re not going crazy. What you’ve bumped into is we’ve moved the RCx_FUNCTION to SERVOx_FUNCTION. This helps us better separate RC input from output.
I need to update the parachute wiki page to show this, I’ll get to that very soon.