No Pan and Tilt for Camera

Now i cant use my camera on my Plane!

I have to move my cameras with RC, but not enough channels…

i have downgrade to APM 3.2.3, then it works!

Have you read the release notes here - … m_blogpost

Say’s that that mount code was removed from the apm build due to lack of space.

Hi Mark,

thanks for replay! No i dont have seen that link, and if i read that post on that link i dont see it too :smiley:

You say that the Flash out of space. Ok, that will be have to use a bigger AVR. So its not AMP 2.x it will be APM 3.x ?

I have downgrade to Arduplane 3.2.3 and i can now use my Camera with Pan/Tilt!
Next time i will try to fly :wink:

best regards

“disabled camera mount support on APM1/APM2” okay, found :smiley:

How i have to disable the autotune and enable the camera pan tilt?

i had download the 3.3.0 source but i dont know how i have to disable/enable functions.
if i change linke “#include <AP_AutoTune.h>” to “//#include <AP_AutoTune.h>” it doent care.

any hints?

best regards