No OSD Data unless telemetry is connected?


I have the 3DR power module, minimOSD, APM 2.6 using the telemetry/OSD Y cable. If I power everything up, no telemetry information is shown on the minimOSD (GPS or battery info) until I connect the telemetry between my laptop and copter. I’m afraid if I lose telemetry link, my battery/GPS info will also disappear from the OSD.

I don’t remember this happening on 3.0.1 - is this normal behavior?


Did you enable the OSD in Mission Planner -> Config/tuning -> Optional Hardware -> OSD?

hey sorry this was definitely the problem - i didn’t get a notification for this reply. thank you!

I have this exact same problem and clicking the telemetry button does not do anything. It is weird because the horizon, heading, flight modes all work, but the gps and battery read zero until connected to FP over mavlink.