No Orbit At Location available?

Hi All,

I’m new to all this so forgive me if this is something I should have figured out on my own.

My build is: PX4, Pixhawk2 Black Cube, Herelink Air Unit / Controller, QGroundControl, Here2, ArduPilot Copter. I have the latest firmware updates.

When I look at the QGC documentation it explains that when flying, if you press on a point in the map the option to either “Go to location” or “Orbit at location” pops up. When I do this, I only get “Go to location”.

Is there a configuration step I am missed somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


In order for this to work a firmware must support the MAV_CMD_DO_ORBIT and MAVLINK_MSG_ID_ORBIT_EXECUTION_STATUS mavlink messages. As far as I know ArduPilot does not yet support those while PX4 does. You could ask them to support it and then I can turn it one for ArduPilot as well.

Thanks for your reply DonLakeFlyer, much appreciated.

Also I’ve notified the ArduPilot folks of the missing functionality: If you want to chime in to ask for support you could add a comment there.

Thanks again DLF, I added a post there under my user name of Sextant. Cheers…