No motor response

Have several pixhawks for a year, so know them pretty well.
After upgraded firmware to “stable” No response to any motors in motor test, ESC calculation or Armed.
ESC’s work fine connected directly to transmitter channel 3.
Tried loading in plane firmware and then loading in copter several times. Recalibrate and Arm work perfectly.

What do you think?

did you arm with mission planner connected via usb/telem? It may be a pre arm check, watch the hud for a message/reason for failing to arm.

Recalibrate the ESCs? It could be the minimum throttle is higher for some reason in the new firmware.
I switched to an APM and had this happen, no errors or warnings anywhere…

Thanks for the thought.

No response to any motors in:

  1. motor test
  2. ESC calculation
  3. Armed, no problem arming,
    checked in MP and in analysis of logs.

Good suggestion:
It does seem it has to be a motor parameter problem. I used “find” to look at all the mot and motor parameters and can’t see it.

The transmitter calibration is in the expected range.

The ESC calibrate ok when connected to transmitter’s channel 3 (throttle). I also plugged a servo into the ESC channels.

I though the Pixhawk ESC and motor test procedure just passed the throttle through to the motors.

Maybe the hardware broke.
How can I channel the ESCs to different output pins?