No more Throttle in any assisted mode

hi folks,
i ve been running apm 1.0 ages ago, with a great pleasure.
now i am coming back with an apm 2.6 and i am facing an issue, that i dont understand at all.

when i power my plane in manual mode (i ve disable arming_require) everything works fine.
But during the flight (doing it on the ground so far) if i keep 50 % thro and a switch to any assisted mode ( trieds rtl, stab, cruise flybwa,flybwb) after two sec, throttle stops, even the stick is 50% up.
The only way i get the throttle back, is to switch back to manual mode,. I d like to know what i am missing, spend 4 days alone on that, loosing hope, if you have any tips, that would be very nice of you to share it, i am despaired, i d really like to go test my plane soon.
thx for your help
best regards

it is because the plane is not moving (cause i am doing these test on my workbench)?

best regards

The throttle will definately work in FBWA as it’s not a GPS mode and throttle control is manual, I often launch in FBWA or in AUTO (with a takeoff command) and as long as the throttle is armed and the radio calibration has been done, the throttle works fine.

thank you graham for your post, well that doesn t work in flbwa or b :frowning:
i just did a test with stabilized (i ve bypassed the thro for stabilized) andr cruise, here are the logs.
getting despaired :’(
thank you for your time
best regards

hi graham, i just did another test flybwa works but not b, it s a begining

That’s correct, it won’t work in FBWB because it needs to be flying. Increasing throttle in FBWB causes the plane to gain altitude.

so it might not be working in cruise mode, cause it s not moving?

Correct, it needs to be flying for that

so in fact i have no problems?

Well there could be but generally as long as you have positive control of your plane at all times then you can fly. If the motor doesn’t work in any mode you can always switch to Manual and take over. It is really important that the plane flies well and is well trimmed with no handling problems before using the autopilot.