No more battery values displayed in Android Daily?

With the Android Daily there is unfortunately no longer a possibility to display the voltage and current of 2 batteries. Several ESCs are possible, but unfortunately no current/voltage values of the powermodules/batteries.

Regards Rolf

Can you create a detailed GitHub issue for this and I can track it down? Details should include:

  • No longer possible means exactly what? Display where and how?
  • Include a telemetry log which I can use to replay and reproduce the problem

Sorry, I had overlooked the fact that the new instrument value display in 4.1 Daily requires an active connection for batteries to appear in the selection.

Battery0 is not visible without connection


Unfortunately I only noticed this after connecting the plane. Sorry for the irritation.


Hmm, that is correct. Otherwise QGC doesn’t know how many batteries you have. Daily supports multiple batteries. I need to think about maybe some way to handle this differently to at least include one battery from the start. I can see how it is confusing. I’ll add it to the list to look at. Good information to know about the usability problem. Thanks.