No logfile in auto mode

i´m running a pixhawk lite on a tbs discovery clone.
Running the quad in standard modes (stabilize, altitude hold, loiter, etc) I can download the logfiles, everything is fine.
When uploading a mission via 3dr radio and flying it all logfiles on the pixhawk are gone but also no new one will be created on the FC. The quad runs the mission without problems but there is no logfile. :frowning:
I`ve allready checked the configuration, all parameters seemed to be like they were befor the mission, no changes.
Also I checked the DOCs for further information but couldn´t find any matching item.
Anybody an idea ?

regards Markus

Log files are created by separate subsystem common to all functions. One mode should not cause an issue. I would say something happened during that auto mission that corrupted the compact flash storage. The card most likely needs to be reformatted.


Ok, will give that a try.
Thank you very much !


I reformated the SD-card and now it works.
Thanks again !