No Light Weight Telemetry output

Hi. Black Cube on a mini carrier board. Firmware Plane 4.0.9 official.

Trying to use Telemetry2 for Light Weight Telemetry output. So that’s Serial2 - set to 9600 baud (have also tried 1200, 2400), and protocol to 25.

Analyzing the second pin (the pin beside VCC) - which should be Serial2 Tx - and I see nothing.

I have used Light Weight Telemetry on other boards (eg OmniBus F4) no issue.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Although protocol 25 (LTM) is listed, apparently it is not included in the 4.0.x firmware releases (for Cube anyway).

I loaded 4.1.0 dev from today, and it is working.

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