No Liftoff of copter

First test today, not good!! armed, ready for flight but would not lift off the ground even at full throttle? then THRUST LOSE Motor 1 ?

1 01-01-2000 00-15-52.bin (159.4 KB)

Your copter is underpowered, and/or motor 1 is underperforming.

Arducopter 3.6.8 Nuttx? Why? And you posted in 4.2.

I wouldn’t say it was ready for Flight. If you were at current Stable version and had done the Initial Parameter Setup it might be ready for a Maiden flight. Looks like very old version at default to me.

Also, you don’t have battery logging configured and/or calibrated. Unless the battery really was <5V

Strange, i flashed 4.2.0 copter? maybe something has gone wrong with the upload, i will check.

Hello, all working fine now, first flight went good, just need to tune up a bit and all should be good.

Thanks, Malc