No IMU log data when LOG_BITMASK set to Full IMU

My quad is running Arducopter 3.6.1. The LOG_BITMASK value is 655358, which is All + Full IMU.

MP is 1.3.61. FC is Pixhawk.

After I download the Log Analyzer (see attached), there are no IMU log data and also no CURR log data.

Why is IMU not logged since I set to log Full IMU ?

For the current, used to have a “CURR” param when I review a log, but now it is not there.

Does anybody have any clue ?

“Usually” means your SD card can’t cope with the amount of data you’re trying to write to it. For full rate logging you basically need the fastest card you can find.

Please check if you have ACC msg in the log.
Or you could share the log too.

Thanks for the reply.
The SD card is Kingston Class 10 with 4GB capacity. I think this is the fastest card I can find.
After I posted the last question, I found out IMU info is split to 2 other params, ACC and GYRO.
As for current, you can find it under BAT. But the same info is also displayed in BAT 2 which I never activate. I don’t know why.

Thanks, I did find the IMU info split into 2 param, ACC and GYR.

For current, I found out later it is in BAT.

Have in mind that ACC and GYR data ismost probably RAW data. Therefore do not use it to analyse vibrations (amplitudes are much bigger than regular IMU data).
If you do not log ALL IMU data, but only IMU data, you shall find IMU msg in the log. That data is used to measure vibrations.

How to fix this? I have this problem too. How to analyze IMU data after flight?

Just disable IMU raw data loging. I guess it cant log both raw and regular data at the same time.

if i disable IMU_raw , ACC and GYR wii not value…