No heartbeat packets received

hi yall. we are trying to produce a vtol with my friends using pixhawk cube orange. so there is the problem:
When I first download the firmware from MP, there was no error or sth. but I wanted to make sure that everything is okay so ı cleaned all drivers and trying to connct to board. but no more connection after that. I know the com port and correct baudrate.
I tried to download firmware from internet and qroundcontrol separately.

Second thing about this error is when ı connect the telemetry or gps. there is no power on telem port or can port. Some users mentioned when they disconnect the gps from board, they manage to connect.but it didnt work for me either. I also check the soldering with out of sight but all was ok.
I really couldnt figure what the problem is.

I tried to connect for thousand times and keeping to do it but nothing. I cant describe my disappointment at this point. because everything is ready to go and ı know the connect other peripheral equipments but now there is a board error.
If you red till here thank you so much and if you know what the problem is or any clue, just let me know. And I also want the developers must take care of this problem. Some people said they are struggling with same error but no solution or irrelevant solutions.(like I disconnected the gps and it connected ??!!)

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I also got the same error but never been able to solve it :confused: i hope you will find a conclusion

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Welcome to the forum maxixier :grinning:

When updating Arducopter I find that I have to disconnect the USB cable while MP is loading the new firmware, and then re-connect it so that MP can ‘discover’ the hardware. If I leave it connected I get the ‘heartbeat not found’ message. Maybe you need to do that, just before the point at which you get the message.